Wireless measurement system and data transmission in Cloud with Web App Management.


SpurIot is a wireless measurement system for the real-time collection and transmission of relevant data via Cloud and Web Application.

The access to accurate data on the filling level of tanks and other storage containers is essential for inventory and consumption management. It's alto important to manage the customer profile, to ensure a system of content protection and, last but not least, ensure quality and safety. 

The goal is to ensure high levels of control and efficiency compared to traditional systems, with a system composed of interactive wireless sensors that can monitor and transmit necessary data in real-time via GPS. 


A compact and durable device. SpurIot is composed of a long-lasting case that allows you not to waste energy and resources while ensuring the reistance.

SPURIOT / benefits

The application detects data and through an innovative and customizable interface allows you to constantly update the operator, even in case of breakdowns or damages. 

The device is equipped with sensors and GPS signals that allow you to collect relevant data, such as pressure level, temperature or magnetic fields.


SPURIOT / web app

The collected data is sent in real-time to a Web App that allows you to monitor and analyze the parameters. The application is designed to be easy to use and customizable according to specific needs. The route optimization function is then integrated into the platform, allowing greater flexibility in management.

The activation of a private profile dedicated to the user allows you to monitor the points immediately, change the configuration remotely, customize the portal and get warnings and consumption statistics.

  Personalization linked to specific needs
  Data communication in real-time
  Performances are checked and analysed constantly


Experience in managing high pressure systems and experience in logistics systems and organization. This knowledge, together with the desire to create something innovative, have allowed SpurIot to be born. 

Spuriot is in fact a start-up born in 2017 in Pergine Valsugana thanks to the support of the European fund ERDF 2014-2020 (European Regional Development Founds). The state-of-the-art is pre-series production. 

The result is a connection system applied in the distribution and storage of special and industrial gases but adaptable with the appropriate precautions also to other sectors, such as water control.