Where can the device be positioned?

The device transmits via mobile network; for this reason it can be place everywhere.

How can Spuriot device be installed?

The device is self sufficient for power and data-transmission; therefore neither configurations nor connections are required.

Does final users need a specific training?

Spuriot is really user friendly and specific trainings aren't necessary.

Shall I constantly monitor relevant data?

No, portal and device configurations allow to receive e-mail, Telegram or SMS notifications only for meaningful events.


Which systems is the platform compatible with?

It can easily conntects with other digital control and managing platforms, since it's compatible with both Android and IOS systems.

Can data be available on other systems or platforms?

Yes, Spuriot guarantees interfacing with different systems, platforms or databases.

Web platform

Where can Spuriot be used?

There are multiple application fields:
-where there is a valuable movable property
- where there is a need for monitoring in the absence of electricity
- where connecting to energy sources can be difficult

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